What You Should Eat, From A Yogi’s Perspective

What You Should Eat If You Are A Yogi

What you should eat as a Yogi is important to enhance the practice.

Sadhguru has some interesting things to say about diet. I am always interested to hear what Indian Yogis have to say about what should be a proper diet for those practicing Yoga.

Here’s a short video in which Sadhguru discusses diet.

Paleo versus Vegetarian

It’s interesting that advocates of the Paleo Diet say that our ancestors were hunters and hunted animals for food. Therefore, we must include meat in our diet. Basically, it was a question of survival back in ancient times. Yes, a question of survival.

Sadhguru makes a good point, that today we are largely past that point of survival, and now it’s a question of choice. Almost everyone can choose what to eat and these days we have far too many choices.

Listening to What the Body Needs

In the case of humans, we have a lengthy alimentary canal that is up to four times the length of a carnivorous animal that requires meat. And our teeth are made for chewing and grinding plant-based foods, fruits, vegetables nuts and seeds. Maybe our ability to choose what to eat is a detriment that has led to chronic illnesses.

Furthest from the Evolutionary Scale

Sadhguru also talks about food that has a very complex sense of memory and information. Mammals are too close to us by nature. They have a heart, they have a face. They have a brain and extensive nervous system. So, they experience emotions, pain and suffering. So Sadhguru recommends that if you are going to eat animals, eat fish, because it is furthest away from humans on the evolutionary scale. Otherwise, eat food with a simpler sense of memory and information. Fruits and vegetables move quickly through the alimentary canal and will not putrefy in the intestines. So, at least it makes logical sense to include fruits and vegetables in your diet, whatever that diet may be.

A Vegetarian Diet

It’s interesting to note that humans eat the meat of animals that live on plant food. Cows, pigs, poultry, sheep, goats, and even horses. It’s as if we are getting the benefits of plant foods secondhand.

In the book, The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga, it is highly recommended that Yogis practice vegetarianism for health and ethical reasons. And it is said to enhance once’s Yoga practice.

Fruits and raw vegetables contain antiscorbutic substances that prevent various diseases. Meat, on the other hand, may be affected to a high degree with such dreaded diseases as trichinosis, intestinal worms, etc., which are readily transmitted to those who eat it.

Also, we don’t know what hormones and antibiotics are found in meat, which was injected into the animal to fatten it or prevent disease and sickness. These added chemicals can have adverse effects on a longterm meat eater. So, if you are going to eat meat, then it’s highly advisable to get the best quality meat, free range and grass fed, and chemical free!

A large number of medical men and dieticians today forbid their patients to eat meat, not only as a means of eliminating such ailments as gout, rheumatism, etc., but also as a preventive against uric acid diseases. It has been found that injuries suffered by vegetarians heal more quickly, and the danger of contracting fever and high temperatures is considerably minimized.

The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga recommends the vegetarian diet as the natural diet of man.

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