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Will Trump Take Credit for Today’s Downward Market?

Donald Trump

Will Trump Take Credit for Today’s Downward Market?

If you’ve studied Trump’s twitter feed, you noticed that when something goes wrong, he blames others. But, when something goes right, he takes credit for it. When he is critiqued by the so-called liberal media, he simply calls it fake news. But the fact remains that he generates his own fake news, and at the very least, he exaggerates certain claims, like taking credit for the stock market when it’s doing well.

This morning, the stock market is NOT doing well. But, he’s not taking credit for it now, is he?

The more I ponder over this fact (and I assure you this isn’t fake news), the more I realize that this is very unpresidential for a president.

Take responsibility. Don’t be quick to blame others just to pass the problems onto others, and take credit for something you might’ve only been partially responsible for in the first place.

Anyway, the answer to the question is… no… Trump is the kind of guy who will never admit he’s wrong. He would rather find blame in others than to admit he is wrong or made a mistake. He thinks he’s perfect, the ultimate narcissistic personality.

It explains why he only has a 38% approval rating. Oh, but he says that’s fake news. See, everybody’s wrong except him. *tsk tsk*

Donald Trump
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