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This Year’s Winners and Losers Year-to-Date 2017

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This Year’s Winners and Losers Year-to-Date 2017

Part of sharing my experience with the stock market is in part to share the wealth of information with others, and to provide a place to document my own personal journey.

So, today ends the first half of 2017 as we move into the second half.

This morning I document the winners and the losers of the portfolio so far this year.

Some key companies have struggled, surprisingly, while others have gained as expected. A few were surprise bulls. A few were disappointing bears.

Let’s take a look:

YTD Winners

Boeing Company

Hands down the winner this year so far. Trump made promises about boosting defense and made deals in Saudi Arabia. My positions in BA are up 25% this year.


Johnson & Johnson

Up almost 8% so far, JNJ is another stock that’s been performing reasonably well.

Johnson & Johnson

BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust

A bit of a surprise, BPT has been performing fairly well after I purchased shares, and I mainly bought the stock for the 20% dividend yield.

BP Prudoe Bay Royalty Trust

YTD Losers


I’ve posted about Disney not too long ago. This is a very disappointing purchase for me, as I bought into the uptrend and I’m paying the price as the stock tanked from 115 to 103. It’s working its way back up, but given the successes Disney has been having, I didn’t expect such a big drop. Is this stock gamed by HFT? Who knows. It’s a great company except for its stock.


National Grid

Another disappointing loser so far this year. Utilities can be tricky, because you assume that they are highly profitable because they are utilities. What they did to shareholders with giving a one time big dividend might’ve backfired at least temporarily.

National Grid


I’m down 3% on a stock that should be doing better. Big Pharma stocks were highly successful a few years back, but I don’t know now. But, I suspect SNY will bounce back in the second half of the year. We shall soon see…


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