Yesterday’s Protein Intake on a Raw Vegan Diet

Using Cron-o-meter

First off, I recommend that you use an online dietary tool like Cron-o-meter.

Cron-o-meter is FREE! And you can download the App to your iPhone or Android smartphone. You have the option to upgrade to the paid version to get more features, but the FREE version will be adequate enough for everyone to use.

If you are concerned about your protein intake (especially on a Vegan Diet) it’s important to use the tools to determine just what levels of protein you are getting.

But, Where Do You Get Your Protein?

The big question everyone asks a Vegan is, “where do you get your protein?”.

It’s a good question, actually, because the typical American (who grew up on the ‘Standard American Diet’) will wonder how a Vegan can get protein if you aren’t eating Beef, Pork, Poultry, Fish, Eggs or Dairy Products.

The Short Answer

All foods have protein!

The Longer Answer

Yes, all foods have protein in varying amounts. The thing is, we were all raised to think that you have to get your protein from animals. As a matter of fact, I’ll bet many of us were taught that we can ONLY get protein from animal foods.

This is the great myth that has been going on for decades and more than a century, ever since the multi-billion dollar meat industry began mass producing meat products at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution!

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I repeat: All foods have protein!

And we were probably brain-washed into thinking that we can only get good quality protein from animal foods.

The more you research this, the more you’ll realize that amino acids are the building blocks of all protein and are found in all foods, especially in plant foods.

Do we honestly think that plant life doesn’t have protein as the building blocks for its structure?

Yesterday’s Protein Intake

Yesterday's Protein Intake on Vegan Diet

My protein intake for yesterday (on a Raw Vegan Diet) is proof that I pretty much ate a lot of protein. In fact, all the essential amino acids are more than 100%, with exception to Lysine which was only 92%. Well, I almost got the full 100% of Lysine, and if I ate more foods like Cashews, other nuts, legumes and seeds, I’m sure I would’ve gotten more than adequate amounts of Lysine.

Lentils and Pumpkin Seeds contain a lot of Lysine.

Grams of Protein Per Day

The average male needs a minimum of 56 grams of protein per day. I ate 77.4 grams of protein.

Women need about 47 grams of protein. And pregnant or breastfeeding Moms need 71 grams.

WebMD ~ Protein: Are You Getting Enough?

Also, another myth is that you have to get these amounts in a single day. The truth is, I’m sure the body will carry over extra amounts into the next day to adequately synthesize enough protein.

It’s not like the extra amounts of amino acids will disappear as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

If anything, there is an abundance of food in highly developed countries like the United States. We have so much food available to us as it is, and chances are we are getting too much protein in our diets, and excess protein turns into…. yes, Fats on our bodies!

So, the answer to that common question, “where do you get your protein?”.

Well, look at the chart above!

It looks like I’m getting more than enough protein from a Vegan Diet.



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