Yoga Master Srimat Kuladananda Brahmachary

He was one of the most beloved gurus of the Madhwacharya Order, and had many disciples, one of whom is kneeling at his side in reverent obeisance. He was physically remarkable for his beautiful features and luxuriant growth of hair, as the photograph suggests…
—by W.Y. Evans-Wentz from Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines

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Hurtful expressions should never be used,
Not even against an enemy;
For inevitably they will return to one,
Like an echo from a rock.

—-The Precious Treasury of Elegant Sayings

Yoga Master Srimat Kuladananda Brahmachary
The late Srimat Kuladananda Brahmachary, of the Jatiababaui Math, Puri, India.

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(1) Having estimated one’s own capabilities, one requireth
a sure line of action.

(2) To carry out the commands of a religious preceptor, one
requireth confidence and diligence.

(3) To avoid error in choosing a guru, the disciple requireth
knowledge of his own faults and virtues.

(4) Keenness of intellect and unwavering faith are required
to tune in with the mind of the spiritual preceptor.

(5) Unceasing watchfulness and mental alertness, graced
with humility, are required to keep the body, speech, and
mind unsullied by evil.

(6) Spiritual armour and strength of intellect are required
for the fulfillment of one’s heart’s vows.

(7) Habitual freedom from desire and attachment is necessary
if one would be free from bondage.

(8) To acquire the Twofold Merit, [1] born of right motives,
right actions, and the altruistic dedication of their results,
there is need of unceasing effort.
[1] The Twofold Merit is expounded in XXVII. (7) {p. 97[2]}

(9) The mind, imbued with love and compassion in thought
and deed, ought ever to be directed to the service of all sentient

(10) Through hearing, understanding, and wisdom, one
should so comprehend the nature of all things as not to fall
into the error of regarding matter and phenomena as real.

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