Yoga That Tests Your Comfort Zone versus More Gentler Yoga

More Challenging Yoga

To me, a more challenging Yoga is:

  • 1. Going to a class.
  • 2. Doing Yoga poses that are outside your comfort zone.
  • 3. Doing a Yoga class that is 50% unfamiliar poses, although you can physically do them.
  • 4. A teacher who might treat each pose as a challenge and more on a physical level than spiritual or mental.

Gentler Yoga

  • 1. Stays within your comfort zone of poses that are easy and can do them slowly.
  • 2. A Yoga class that goes slowly yet focuses in staying in poses longer to explore and settle into each pose.
  • 3. A Yoga routine or class that is more meditative.

Why I Prefer Gentler Yoga

First off, I consider Yoga to be a spiritual practice, and can affect a person at a deeper level than your standard physical exercises.

I do prefer the gentler Yoga because it IS more meditative, stays away from physically challenging poses to focus instead on breathing and meditating through each pose.

I took a more challenging Hatha Yoga class earlier today but why do I feel out-of-sorts?

Whereas, the gentler Yoga makes me feel energized yet calm and serene.

And nothing against the Yoga teacher earlier today. She is excellent, but the gentler Yoga is much more contemplative. In a way, the gentler Yoga is challenging in that we hold the poses much longer, and we may do less poses throughout the class, but I really like exploring each pose and perfecting it on a much deeper level. And I think that brings me the most satisfaction.

Yoga, after all, is the union of body, mind and soul.

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