Zen and the Art of Honesty

It’s so important to be honest.

If you trust someone, you expect that they won’t cheat or deceive you and tell you lies. And if you find out that they lied to you, deceived and cheated you, then it’s natural that it would be very hard to trust that person in the future. Unless, they prove that they can be honest and show some integrity.

Unfortunately, we have a president-elect who has practiced some shady businesses, and who is trying to push the role of the presidency to unprecedented limits. He has refused to show his tax returns, a clear sign that there must be some evidence of shady, questionable practices. Otherwise, he would have nothing to hide, and the whole explanation is obviously bogus because audits don’t last that long. He promised he would show his tax returns, but until now he hasn’t and I think he’s just waiting for everyone to forget about it.

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We seem to have a man who lacks integrity and responsibility to the American people. Sure, he promises to make America great again, but that is a promise that has proven to be rather vague. And we assume that he means all Americans will experience this greatness, but in the end I believe some Americans will get the short end of the stick.

But for one, the president-elect promised his own supporters that he would make sure his opponent goes to prison, but now he says that won’t happen (I wonder how his supporters feel about that one).

Next up, he kept pressing the American people that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. And when Obama produced his birth certificate for the public to see, he claimed it was fake. Now, why would someone accuse another person of something that is essentially criminal and treasonous. In the end, and some months before election day, he told his supporters that Obama was born in the United States. End of story.

And I continue to mention that lawsuit regarding a bogus university that turned out to be fraudulent. There was some really shady activity there, but there was a settlement out-of-court for some $25 million dollars. So, essentially, this problem was swept under the rug with big money.

What I find very sad is that today, in this modern age, lies and deception seems to be acceptable, especially with the rich and famous (infamous) who think they are above the law. And people continue to support this president-elect regardless of whether he has been caught in the act, even. Thinking back at that video tape that surfaced that showed obvious signs of misogyny and sexist behavior (and just a total lack of disrespect for women in general), his supporters quickly forget that this even occurred. And, his accusations toward his opponent that she is crooked and corrupt was more accepted, even though nothing was truly proven. In other words, people have been believing the conspiracy theories.

All these actions point to a possible dishonest person, and the warning signs have been out there. Usually, most people can sift through the BS, but there are just times when someone can hoodwink people on a grand scale and get away with it.

We live in hard times and because of social media, untruths can be perpetuated out there on the world wide web, and that is a sad state of our times. Rich billionaires like the president-elect have the power and the money to influence people in order for them to get what they want.

But, we have to believe that we have trustworthy people in our midst. And, we have to surround ourselves with people whom we can trust, and who won’t deceive and cheat us, who are looking out for our well-being and who have our backs.

They joked about this in the movie Meet The Parents, but this Circle of Trust is a very real thing. We have to surround ourselves with people we can trust (yes, to repeat this one more time), and stay away from people whom we can not trust, because they aren’t looking after our best interests.

This is all common sense, but in a world where people can be very dishonest and deceitful online and in real life, we have to be vigilant about this.

We don’t have the power to decide our president-elect, if he wasn’t the one we voted for, but we have the power to pick and choose those that we can trust and have faith in.

Honesty and integrity.

It’s very important in our world, and it begins with ourselves, to be honest and truthful towards others.

Honesty is always the best policy.

Sad how some people who are in a position of power don’t follow this rule.

And we also have to be honest with ourselves.



Carlos Rull

Carlos Rull is a musician living in the San Diego area. His interests include Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Zen Buddhism, and Gardening. He plays drums, piano, and composes New Age & Ambient music, and his albums are available on iTunes and Amazon.com.

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