Zen Diet


Zen Diet

A Zen Diet approach seeks to combine the essence of two distinct areas:

1. The Japanese Diet

2. The Philosophy of Zen

It is this emphasis of eating in the Japanese style, and achieving a sense of Zen (through the balance and harmony of everyday eating) that makes up the Zen Diet.

My Story – How I began to adopt a Zen Diet.

Getting Started

1. The Basics

2. Grocery List

3. A Typical Meal

4. Helpful Articles

5. Eating Mindfully

6. Japanese Tableware

Daily Food Journal

If you are serious about losing weight and eating healthier, I would highly recommend keeping a food journal. It’s not really that hard to do, and you’ll be surprised how much food you might be eating in a day. I have been keeping a “public” food journal on this site to take it one step further, and to hold myself more accountable for my actions!

Follow along as I document my eating habits in my daily food journal.