Being that all my gigs have been cancelled until further notice, I’ve had to adapt and focus more on the stock market. I don’t day trade everyday, but when the opportunity arises, I have to take advantage in order to put food on the table, so to speak.

I’m blessed that I can also invest and make money on the stock market. And this is where my adaptation and improvisation has been happening. It’s the only other source where I can make an income, since all my music gigs have dried up.

I’ve been a survior most of my life. I’ve struggled with advancing my goals in music, but I’ve enjoyed playing music since my early teens. It’s a passion, perhaps a gifted skill… but I still have to work at it, and I DO practice everyday on various piano stuff from Classical to Jazz to Ragtime and Standards. This never ends and it’s always a lifetime endeavor to keep on playing.

So, I do practice for my next gig, whenever that will happen. But, I’ve had to adapt and right now the biggest advantage I have is to make money on the stock market.

I sincerely hope everyone is doing well out there, despite this terrible pandemic. But, we carry on and we continue to strive… I wish everyone the best… peace & love!