I confess. I’ve been struggling with this latest project in many ways.

1. I want this to be a dark ambient album, and I’ve been struggling with themes and motifs.

2. I’m not sure which direction I want to take this now, mostly with the instrumentation and virtual instruments.

I have a beautiful Yamaha Grand Piano which desperately needs tuning, but with the new Logic Pro X, I’m actually VERY impressed with the selections of sampled grand pianos, from Bosendorfer to Steinway to Yamaha, I must admit these pianos sound awesome, so there’s no need to mic a real grand piano (which can be extremely difficult to do.

I recorded a couple of avante garde type tracks on this one but I might have to scrap them. And, I’m wanting to get even more dark, dismal and minimal.

Plus, I’m discovering more sonic possibilities in the latest incarnation of Logic Pro X, so it’s delaying the project as I begin to explore more possibilities with combining sounds.

More on this later…

But, I’m hoping to finally finish this project in the Fall of 2019 sometime.

Wish me luck!