A nice YouTube version of Big Time Operator’s version of Sing Sing Sing, featuring myself on drum solos.

days with Big time operator

I had the golden opportunity to perform with the Neo-Swing Big Band… Big Time Operator!

Despite the negativity that happened at the end of my stint with the band, I have no ill feelings nor regrets… it was a wild and fun ride.

Having said that, one of my favorite memories with the band was performing Gene Krupa’s legendary drum solo, note for note… then featuring a second half of the solo which was my own, with a compelling clarinet solo by Marc Rosen. Ah, the memories.

It was a very nice 3 year stint, touring the country doing a SouthWest tour, a West Coast tour, and opportunities to perform at Disneyland in Anaheim and Disney World in Orlando, Florida. And we got to perform at various hotel & casinos in Las Vegas.