Just some random notes

  1. I’m working on the following tunes… Side By Side, The Very Thought of You, Rambling Rose, Hey, Good Lookin’. I’ve played most of these ‘live’ already. I just need to work on getting them a bit tighter.
  2. I had a great solo piano gig yesterday at Memory Care. This is also my One Man Jazz Trio format, so not just solo piano, actually.
  3. Wednesdays are tough days for me, as the actual process of loading and unloading musical equipment and doing a solo gig kind of takes its toll. Then once I’m home and everything is unloaded at kept at home, I take a little nap, then head off to Yoga Class. Plus the working earlier in the morning truly adds to the challenge. But, after Yoga I feel rejuvenated once again.
  4. One of my goals is to be able to take the One Man Jazz Trio to a restaurant or public venue. All my piano gigs so far are private events.