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The Cost of Being A Musician

I saw this on one of my friends and musical colleague’s Facebook timeline, about the Cost of Being A Musician, and although many of these points are true, there are more positive points to make about being a musician.

A working musician is a far different lifestyle than your average person’s. For instance, we spend many hours at our craft, either rehearsing with bands and orchestras, or practicing many lonely hours on our own to keep our chops up, and learn new material.

And we spend a LOT of money on our musical instruments, amps and PA Systems, and other things that we need in order to perform at a professional level.

But in the end, the sacrifices are worth it.

Look at the bright side…

The Cost of Being A Musician

This kind of a sad way of viewing the Life of a Musician… on the other side of the coin:

1. You have the gift. Whether it is perfect pitch or relative pitch, an exceptional musician has ‘the ear’.

2. You are doing something not too many people can do, so be proud of that fact.

3. You are working as a professional musician, actually making money at something you <3.

4. You’re fellow musicians are your homies and friends. They most likely understand you better than anyone else.

5. You perform at a variety of different venues and situations, and meet all sorts of interesting people. It’s better than being kooked up in a cubicle.

6. There is a certain joy in performing music. You are brining joy to yourself and spreading that joy to others. Music is the universal language of humankind. Everyone can get it, find joy in it, and move to the music. There is nothing like looking out onto that dance floor or audience and seeing that you are putting smiles on people’s faces.

7. You are an ambassador of music. Without music this world would be a sorry place.