Random Thoughts – December 2019

This week was sort of a tough week for me. I’d been sick for the past couple of weeks with the flu and acute bronchitis, and it’s been 10 days since I got back from the Holy Land tour in the Middle East. Take into account, 4 piano/drumming gigs in 7 days while trying to recover—musicians sometimes have to do gigs while sick (otherwise we don’t make any money)—and trying to do all the holiday things just before Christmas.

The worst was last Saturday when I did a drumming gig for a Paving Co. in Mission Hills. It was outside. It was cold. And there was some dampness in the air. But, I was a trouper and I got through that gig just fine. Then on Tuesday I did a drumming gig while having a runny nose. And Wednesday was a piano gig again with runny nose… tough, but I got through those gigs as well… interesting how whatever pain and discomfort while performing can be channeled through playing the music, and perhaps it feels like it’s more meaningful.

So, I just have to get through one more piano gig and I can rest up until after Christmas, although I won’t really rest up because it’s Christmas time and there’s a lot to do, especially catching up with the holiday season after coming off of an almost 3 week tour through the Middle East!

So, my practice time has been spent going over Christmas songs, and working out set lists so that I can insert those Christmas songs into my regular piano set lists.

If I don’t post before Christmas, I wish everyone a joyous Christmas, Hannuhkah, or whatever you celebrate during the month of December (maybe a pagan celebration, Buddhits?)… and I wish you the very best in 2020.