I’m super happy and excited about my Spotify Artist Page coming alive yesterday. I just wanted to thank my supporters and listeners for checking out my recordings.

I don’t expect any of my music to hit the Billboard Top 100 any time soon, so I understand the nature of my own music. It does lends itself to a select demographic that is into Ambient and New Age music.

Having said that, I am working on a few ideas heading into the Fall Season and closer towards Christmas. 1) I always wanted to create a Christmas Album and I love playing Christmas Songs. As a matter of fact, I’ve been practicing a few now just to stay ahead of the game. 2) I wanted to create a Jazz or Contemporary Jazz album again, more mainstream than all the ‘esoteric’ music I’ve been churning out in the past few years.

And I continue to work on perfecting my setlists for my Memory Care listeners, and work toward a nice set of traditional and standard songs that will provide music therapy for those afflicted with dementia and alzheimer’s.

My Artist Page on Spotify