February 2022 Update

Things have been rather dismal, I won’t lie to you…

For starters, a pipe burst in the upstairs master bathroom, and water came seeping through the ceiling of my newly remodeled kitchen! Well, it was remodeled back in 2018, but it’s still considered new.

Anyway, we had plumbers come in, then mold experts came to take out drywall, get rid of the mold and dry out all the wood. They really cut through the ceiling and parts of the walls. Then we had workers come in to fix the walls and ceilings and paint everything so it doesn’t look like there was water damage. Honestly, we had to have some of the work done 2-3 times until we were satisfied and the workers had done the best job.

And all this in the age of COVID!

We have two air purifiers in our house, so we had these run on full blast. And for about a week, we had these de-humidifiers that the workers installed to dry the wood, which was quite noisy.

Anyway, this whole fiasco, in addition to me being diagnosed with a Torn Rotator Cuff in my right shoulder has wreaked havoc on my Life, that I missed calls and such and I lost out on a gig this Friday, all because I was discombobulated (a word?) this whole week which included Physical Therapy for my right shoulder. I can play piano and drum fine, for some reason; it’s just my range of motion is limited.

But from here on, I hope to get things back on track… I have a ton of gigs coming in March, April and May… which is good because I lost most of my gigs in January and nothing for February because of Omicron and the Retirement Communities I work for have gone into lockdown.

For a musician, the future always looks precarious in this age of COVID, but you have to roll with the punches, right?

Okay, glass half full…