Rebecca Jade at Sycuan – July 22

Rebecca Jade at Sycuan – July 22nd

It’s been a pleasure gigging with Rebecca Jade over the years, she is one of the few vocalists I’ve worked with in which it’s just pure magic to watch her perform. Her voice is amazing and she is one of the easiest vocalists to work with because she is a true professional and guides the band with her voice and her movements, like a conductor. She is also one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet.

The Third Coast Jazz band just finished a wedding reception with Rebecca on vocals, and it was an amazing experience as always.

And she is also an amazing singer/songwriter… so check out her music on streaming music services and all major online music outlets.

I’m grateful to gig with her (of course, I think she gigs with just about everyone in town), and I wish her the best of success in her musical endeavors.

Anyway, I was just driving down the road and guess who was on that billboard? Rebecca Jade! Awesome!