Carlos Rull – Quiet Journey

Quiet Journey is the fifth solo album released by pianist Carlos Rull on his Western Sage Recorders label. It was recorded in his home studio on a Yamaha C Series Grand Piano.

Release Date: August 5, 2019
Recorded: Between 2013 and 2015
Total Time: 47:41

The album consists of two tracks, the first track is improvised piano with wind chime effects added later. The second (and title track) is completely improvised on piano and is inspired by Zen Buddhist teachings, the beauty of nature, and of quiet contemplation.

One Man Jazz Trio!

Setup: One Man Jazz Trio

I’ve been busiest performing solo gigs with the concept of the One Man Jazz Trio. For the most part, I’m doing private events and developing this concept further at the same time.

I wanted to point out that this One Man Jazz Trio concept is all done in ‘real time’. In other words, no backing tracks or software is used.