Coronavirus affecting us musicians

Today, I did my last gig for a while, as this coronavirus threat has affected us musicians to the point that all gigs seem to be canceled until further notice.

The current administration was talking about payroll tax cuts, but most of us musicians are freelance and self-employed. We don’t have the kind of benefits that workers of companies have.

It’s truly a gig economy with us musicians, and if I didn’t have my business as a self-employed active stock trader, then I really be struggling right now.

Anyway, I hope this will all blow over soon, as us musicians need the business, but in the name of stopping the spread of this coronavirus, I will stay unemployed for as long as it takes.

For my sake, I will have to mark all the gigs I have that were canceled due to the coronavirus.

Be safe, everyone! Self quarantine if you have to, don’t worry, be happy!!! 🙂