Normally, I like being at home. For one, I get into my routines, like practicing piano, console and computer gaming, surfing the internet, facebook, etc.

But, being quarantined and isolated for long periods of time?

And especially with a potentially dangerous pandemic on our hands, it’s kind of stressful to be at home. And when one gets a soar throat like I’ve been experiencing lately (albiet a mild one), you start to wonder if this is Covid-19 or just the common cold.

Well, the weather in San Diego has been raining a lot with overcast skies, and it has only been in the last few days that we’ve had sunshine. Like, full sun with blue skies and gentle ocean breezes.

So, being out in the garden is a blessing. Tending to the vegetable garden and managing the rose garden. Just being out in the sun where the Covid-19 is said to not exist… under ultraviolet light.

Anyway, I’m doing fine as is my family. But, I really miss playing music in front of audiences. It’s that interaction between musician and audience that is magically. I can practice all day at home but it’s just not the same interaction. And I could do a Zoom video setup but I’m just not too much into the video conferencing thing.

Anyway, I hope my readers are doing well out there. Take care. Stay safe.