Still Quarantined after all these months

I sincerely hope everyone is doing okay out there. I mean, most of us have been pretty much quarantined since day one. And for those who are fighting this coronavirus pandemic at the frontlines, I commend you for your service. And to those who are taking care of the sick, the elderly, the young and the meek… I commend you too.

The weather has gotten nicer, and so I’ve been able to go out into the garden and do some gardening. And there’s a lot to catch up on after the rains, which seemed to have gone on for weeks.

Movies watched: The Shape of Water, Little Miss Sunshine, Dodgeball, The Ten Commandments, Ben Hur, The Millenium Trilogy, to name a few. Of course, I’ve had plenty of time to watch movies.

I practice piano, but I could sure use the time to practice a lot more. Especially some of the Joplin tunes which I forgot some of them already.

Anyway, I need to work on my coin and stamp collection. Just to organize it, catalogue it, etc.

Going to get groceries is quite the endeavor these days. I try to go once every 2 weeks, because it’s this whole ordeal now with social distancing and wearing masks and gloves. But you gotta do it.

More later… I’m out.